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The Subtle Art of Powerful Leadership

6-session learning series
Hosted by RAIN Eugene 

Presented by Tree Bressen & Stuart Ramsing

Monday evenings 7:00-8:30pm 
April 17 through May 22, 2017
Downtown Eugene at RAIN - 942 Olive St.

Exceptional leaders consistently help others willingly achieve something of value beyond what they would normally do on their own.  What does it take to fulfill this?  Where are you on the journey?  Delve into the art of supporting skillful synergy.  Together we will tune into a quality that isn’t easily measured, yet we know it when we feel it--and that makes the difference inspiring others and accomplishing shared goals.  Examine your role facilitating organizational balance, workplace culture, and the subtle environment that drives or drains your prospects.  Join us on this learning journey, sharing leadership tools to empower every venture you undertake.

* * *

Cost: $90 for the full six-course series.  (Contact us if cost is a barrier to attendance.)

Registration:  Register here (at Eventbrite via Fertilab).  For registration questions, please contact Kimmy Gustafson.  For questions about the series other than registration, contact Stuart.


Tree Bressen feels blessed with a calling to help groups function well.  In the past two decades, she has worked with over 150 organizations of every sort, helping them align action toward purpose by facilitating high-quality process for clear results.  She is also founder of the nonprofit that created the deck "Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings," currently in use in dozens of countries around the world.  Tree has lived in Eugene since 1999 and is passionate about raising organizational capacity in our region.  Her website offers 70+ free articles and handouts on group skills.

Stuart Ramsing is a leader, manager and founder of a construction and development consulting business, Klarity.  Stuart’s experience covers a spectrum from Camp Director to Director of Building & Permit Services for the City of Eugene.  He has an uncanny ability to find opportunity where others find frustration and dead ends.  He trained as an architect at the University of Oregon and is regularly invited to return as a guest reviewer.  Through his new consulting venture Klarity, he approaches work with an uncommon blend of vision and process expertise as he supports businesses getting things built.  Stuart works in the Eugene, Oregon area and can be contacted at Stuart@Klarity.Solutions.

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Tree Bressen
Eugene, Oregon